Hajime: The ultimate startup script.
Hajime is a new, versatile, startup script for Minecraft servers running on any POSIX system. It is designed for GUI-less servers that have the server files on an external mass storage device, such as a flash drive or SSD with an adapter.

How Does It Work?

Hajime is unlike many other startup scripts. Instead of being based on a systemd service or a Bash program, it is coded entirely in C++ and runs as machine code. This allows unprecedented flexibility and performance. Additionally, it has no dependencies. Currently, binaries are available for x86_64 devices.

How To Install

Please see the Github page for up-to-date info.


What's the license? Hajime is licensed under the LGPLv3. What's up with that name? "Hajime" is the Japanese word for "begin." I know this because my judo instructor says it a lot!

I installed it and I got a "Segmentation Fault." What should I do? There is a problem with the configuration file. Make sure you've properly referenced it and that there are no empty lines before the # character.

I have an external storage device and it says it can't mount. What happened? This is a known issue with GUI-based systems which have their own mechanism of mounting a device. If this is the case, disable that system or stop using the script.

I have a Windows system. A Windows version is in the works, so hang on!

I compiled it myself and there's an issue with the linker and the filesystem library. What's the fix? The problem is that g++ sometimes has troubles with the new filesystem specification. Use the command found in the source code to fix this.

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